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Solar photovoltaic power generation in 2050 will account for 16% of the world's total output


Solar photovoltaic power generation in 2050

will account for 16% of the world's total output

Photovoltaic industry since 2012, continued warming, at present has entered a stage of vigorous developmen.Although experienced 630 rob tide after the pv installations in the third quarter are expected to fall 80%, but we believe that short-term adjustment is not enough to affect the long-term good momentum of development of the photovoltaic industry.According to IHS, predicted that the next three years the world will be built around 272 gw photovoltaic power station, to 2050, the global pv cumulative installed capacity is expected to reach 4600 gigawatts (gw), photovoltaic power generation will account for 16% of the world's total output, as the world's biggest sources of electricity.

Single crystal became evident advantages, focus on single crystal in the future market share.Forward-looking industry institute released the photovoltaic industry investment and financing prospect and strategic analysis report pointed out that although the polysilicon market share is far higher than that of single crystal silicon, but monocrystalline silicon power generation efficiency is significantly higher than polycrystalline silicon and the future space is large, moreover due to the improvement of technique of monocrystalline silicon production cost has dropped significantly, makes the single crystal with polycrystalline competitive strength.Recently, not only in major pv manufacturers have accelerated the monocrystalline silicon the layout of the market, the domestic central stake, the leading enterprises in the single crystal longji shares also rushed to undertake such as monocrystalline silicon capacity expansion, we believe the above market trends show monocrystalline silicon route is gradually accepted by more people, its share of the market will be gradually increased in the future.

Copper indium gallium selenide thin film solar cells are expected to emerge from many new type of solar cells.Thin film solar cells, and the third generation solar cells, but at present due to various reasons such as battery performance, battery materials were stagnation in the development stage.The copper indium gallium selenide thin film solar cells photoelectric conversion efficiency among the top of the various kinds of thin film solar cells, close to the crystalline silicon solar cell, and the cost is a third of the crystalline silicon cells, Europe and the United States developed countries have already begun small-scale production, we believe that the future development prospect is good.

Pv inverter market developing rapidly, the domestic market competition. In 2015, the rapid growth of China's pv inverter market makes huawei and sunshine photovoltaic inverter power supply shipments one of the top two in the world.Global giants are joining in the Chinese market competition, the German SMA is held in August in China specifically for China customization product 50 kw / 60 kw group string type inverter debut of the conference.We think that although in the short term SMA products and doesn't have cost advantage in comparison to domestic companies, but its product quality and technological advantages have long-term sustainability, so domestic leading enterprises should strengthen their own to improve the core competitive power to cope with the challenges of the international giant.

Photovoltaic power plant EPC/BT model yields higher than the operating model, but need to multiple prerequisites.By the science and technology and joint photovoltaic power station profits on two listed companies mode after comparison and analysis, we think the EPC/BT model yields significantly higher than that of operation mode, and the former capital of pressure will be smaller, but the EPC/BT model not only need strong ability of flagging access, it will be a good way to fund operation and extensive sales channels.