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Company Ability

Based on new materials, dedicated to new applications

Sailing to success, standing on the top of the science and technology

Constantly explore new areas and continue to create new value for the customer

Joint gold stone company headquarters technical superiority and the abundant strength, set product development, production, sales and perfect after-sales service system.In a professional team, under the concerted efforts of r&d oriented to the needs of customers, with the international standard for production standard, in mutually beneficial and win-win as the sales policy, service attitude, enthusiasm for all-round to meet market and customer requirements

Research and development ability

To build a professional r&d team, experienced personnel, establish a research and development laboratory, and with guangdong industry university, tsinghua university and other universities to establish long-term development cooperation production base

Production capacity

Has single-family workshop equipment, set up automatic flow production line, rigorous process control system, 5 s production management policy, all-round to ensure production and quality to meet customer demand

Marketing ability

To the customer demand as the guide, to form a regional professional marketing team, form the scale of network marketing, all-round efficient rapid response to customer demand

After-sales service ability

Company equipped with professional after-sales service team, to provide users with professional product maintenance and technical training, all-weather accepts the customer service hot and complaints, rapid response and processing, to ensure that protect the vital interests of the client